Best Tourist Spots In Bhutan

What You Need To Know About The Best Tourist Spots In Paro

What Are The Most Attractive Destinations In Bhutan For Tourists?

Tourism plays a very prominent role in the success of the economy all over the world. Tourism boosts the economy’s revenue structure and increases employment by increasing job opportunities, developing the country’s infrastructure, and increasing moral value by exchanging cultures between tourists and citizens. 

Importance Of Tourism:

  • The number of jobs is created by many tourism in many areas is different because tourism is diversified in the agricultural sector, communication sector, health sector, and educational sector. 
  • The government can rely on tourism for a significant percentage of their revenue to invest a lot in the country’s infrastructure by building new roads and highways, improved public spaces, better schools, hospital facilities, and new airports to attract more tourists.
  • Tourism allows people to learn about a new culture and creates opportunities for local citizens.
  • It encourages young entrepreneurs to establish new products and services that promote tourist attraction and local citizens’ experiences the benefits tourism brings to their country.

Bhutan is a small but perfectly organized tourist spot wedged between two countries India and China, in the shadows of Himalaya. It is a country based on Buddhism, myths, and legends under the sovereign rule of the Wang chuck Dynasty. Bhutan’s ultimate goal is to prioritize gross national happiness where the people’s welfare is of utmost importance. 

Bhutan’s national flag is divided diagonally with a white dragon in its center, where the dragon is snarling and catching the jewels in its claws. Bhutanese call their country “the land of thunder dragon” with a mythological belief that thunder is the voice of the dragon roaring. The snarling dragon represents the male and female deities who protect the country, its king, and the people from harm and outside threatening forces. The jewels in the dragon claws represent the wealth and prosperity of the nation.

There Are Various Other Facts About Bhutan, The Land Of The Thunder Dragon, Like:

  • Anyone found guilty of killing an endangered and culturally sacred black crane is sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Bhutan is one of the last countries to introduce television. They lifted the ban on television and the internet 11 years ago.
  • Bhutanese manners dictate to refuse food whenever offered to you and say “meshu meshu” and cover your mouth with your hands. You can have it, though, after two or three offers.
  • The word “Bhutan” translated to “the land of thunder dragon” because of the fierce storms that often roll in from the Himalayas.
  • Bhutan is the only nation where tobacco is banned.
  • Bhutan is the first country in the world to have a constitutional obligation to protect its environment. It is stated that 60% of the nation’s land needs to be filled with forest all the time.

Paro is a small town or valley in Bhutan, west of the capital, Thimphu. It is the country’s international only airport, and it is also known for many sacred sites in the area. Paro, the international airport is genuinely a Bhutanese gem which attracts millions of tourist to this beautiful nation.

There Are Many Beautiful Sites In Paro Which Attracts A Majority Of Tourist To This Country:

  • The sightseeing of Paro is not completed if someone doesn’t visit the stupa temple. It was constructed in 1421 by the saint thangtong gyalpo. This temple’s uniqueness is that it is in the form of a mesmerizing Chorten depicting the beautiful Buddhist iconography, which is the rarity of Bhutan.
  • The mountainous landscape in Bhutan is connected with several passes. Chele Le is located 3810m above sea level is the highest road pass between Paro and Haa’s picturesque valley. People can ride or hike through the beautiful green valley of spruce to reach the vantage point of the chele le pass, which is one of the most magnificent sites of Paro. 
  • Paro Taktsang is the most famous attraction of Bhutan tourist spots. Its enriched value in myths and legends is known for its enriched value based on which a site is ordained to tame a tiger demon. Legends say that Guru Rinpoche flew here on a tigress from kurtoe single dzongs and meditated there. 
  • The most exciting fact about Paro is that people or the tourist are allowed to land for the airport’s view and enjoy the stunning scenic sights on the Himalayan ranges in this tiny airport. One can head to the Bird’s eye view, one of Paro Airport’s primary sightseeing sites. Not every pilot can land at the Paro airport; only the certified pilots land on a challenging airport like Paro, making it an adventurous tourist journey.
  • Tourist visits the place for enjoying the scene and collecting and buying a souvenir for their loved ones or themselves as a memory of their visits. For such shopping, people can head to Paro’s Splendid Sunday Market to find interesting keepsakes of their culture like traditional costumes, customary pray wheels, and Kira. You can also indulge in various local Bhutanese flavors like organic Tsirang Honey, Khoo who is a dried jelly cow skin, and chugo, which is a piece of dried yak cheese.

People worldwide have always been multi-lingual about the culture different countries have adopted for their people. Bhutan has a rich heritage and is deeply steeped in various Buddhist believe and cultures in the arms of the beautiful mountains and green valleys, which attracts millions to come and enjoy this mysterious land of beauty.


In short, it can be said Bhutan has a mysterious aspect and is enriched with myths and believes of Bhutanese people. This mysterious land attracts many curious travelers worldwide to enjoy the beautiful landlocked Himalayan ranges with good hospitality features making it a prominent beautiful tourist spot. Unlike other countries, Bhutan does not only depends on wealth and output but focuses on human welfare as well. Bhutanese people are the happiest people, and people worldwide should come to see and enjoy Bhutan’s beauty with its people and make some good memories for a lifetime!