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Is Bhutan A Place Worth Visiting Once In The Lifetime?

If you are wondering whether Bhutan is the location that is worth to visit at least once in a lifetime then you have come to the right article as here we will tell you all the things about Bhutan and will also tell you the things which are the best in Bhutan vacation experience and also the price which you have to pay while travelling to Bhutan and also the price required once arrived.

Bhutan is a small country that is located on top of eastern Himalayas, and also it is flanked on the two sides by India in the North and also China from the south and Bhutan is a very religious place, and also it is one of those places that exist in the world which follows Buddhism very closely and has many monasteries teaching it to young students.

Bhutan is that country which is located at the foothold of the big and the great Himalayas which has a huge range and also it has a range of many gorgeous and deep valleys as well as gorges present inside of it also the weather there is cold as it lies closer to the Arctic region and defends India, Bhutan and China from the cold winds of the Arctic region.

If you are looking for Bhutan holiday packages then you have a lot of choices. There are many packages that one can take to visit Bhutan, but if you really want to visit the country and see all of its places then you will have to research about all the different place which the package offers to take you, and you also have to keep in mind the price of each tour package.

After you have researched and selected the package that you will take then you will have to take the company that you think is trusted and to see that you will have to see the reviews posted on different websites. These are the company which you can ask if you want to take a package inside your budget and also which offers the most things. Always, remember to choose a company that has positive reviews.

Bhutan has a total of 30,000 annual visitors almost every year and is visited by almost every person living in many countries like America, Russia, India, China, Sweden etc. The tour here can be cheaper in terms of the time that you visit the place, and if you visit Bhutan at the time of the season, then the prices everywhere will rise if you come at the season due to the presence of many travelers

Bhutan is a unique place in the world which lies in the foothold of Himalaya and also if you visit Bhutan you can also try to climb the Himalaya if you want, but you will have to meet with a climbing company which will provide you with all the equipment’s as well as they will send with you a guide to show you how to climb the mountain and also the route that you want to take.

Here Is The List Of Reasons To Visit Bhutan

 Incredible Nature

Looking at the location of Bhutan it shows that Bhutan lies in the Himalaya region so it has availability of many mountain ranges and also many valleys which you can visit, you can also visit the forest as about 70% of the country is covered by forests.

The government of Bhutan is focused on saving these forests as they are the sole reason for its beauty.

 Paro Taktsang

Paro Taktsang also called as the tiger’s nest is located at the height of 4200m above the sea level and it has one of the most legendary monasteries which was made somewhere around 15 AD.

You will have to trek the mountain if you want to reach this monastery as you cannot take any type of vehicle to the top.

 Magic And Mystery

Bhutan is the land where magic is believed in deeply, and also this is the land where all the mythical creatures took place when they were first sent to Earth.

It is said that a monk once flew to the Paro Taktsang monastery on the back of the mysterious flying tiger, so it is called as the tiger’s nest.

 The People

Bhutanese people are the most loving and caring when it comes to the term of foreigners as they follow Buddhism, and it is a teaching that they have to meet and greet anyone who travels to their country or either their home.

Buddhism is the only religion that is followed by the Bhutanese people in which they are taught about how to stay calm, keep a peace of mind, how to behave with other people etc.

 Masked Festivals

Masked dances are the most popular dances of the Bhutanese people, and we recommend that you should plan your trip to Bhutan with these celebrations, and it is not hard to find as this celebration happens almost every month, and the list of the celebration can be found on Google’s search engine.

 Deep Spirituality

Buddhism is the only culture that is followed in Bhutan, and this country is declared as the only country in the world which follows Buddhism and if you want to learn more about Buddhism personally then you surely have to visit Bhutan to take learning from the locals. The spiritual waves flow in the country, and people are deeply spiritual and peaceful

 It Is The Happiest Place On Earth

Bhutan is that place which is called as the Shangri la which means the happiest place and it because of the high altitude and also the cool weather also the people who live there are very friendly and caring towards any travelers.

This is a place where one can truly come and meditate to find their inner happy place and release all the bad thoughts from the mind and body.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article.